Professor Brian Cox – A Night with the Stars

For one night only, Professor Brian Cox goes unplugged in a specially recorded programme from the lecture theatre of the Royal Institution of Great Britain.
Brian takes an audience of famous faces, scientists and members of the public on a journey through some of the most challenging concepts in physics.
During the lecture, Brian recruits Jim Al-Khalili, Jonathan Ross, Simon Pegg, Sarah Millican and James May to help him in demonstrating some of the most interesting concepts in physics.

BBC – The Big Bang Machine

Professor Brian Cox visits Geneva to take a look around Cern’s Large Hadron Collider before this vast, 27km long machine is sealed off and a simulation experiment begins to try and create the conditions that existed just a billionth of a second after the Big Bang.

Can We Make a Star on Earth?

Brian Cox from Manchester University discuses the possibility of making a star here on earth, a process known as nuclear fusion. Creating fusion on Earth was done a lot of times, in the explosion of a hydrogen bomb, however it is an uncontrolled process , therefore extremely destructive, controlled fusion is a different story all together. If successful, a controlled nuclear fusion would solve most of our energy problems as it provides massive quantities of energy from an extremely cheap and abundant fuel, hydrogen.