Brave New World with Stephen Hawking

Brave New World is a show about our future and the technological advances that await us. Except Stephen Hawking of course, many more science celebrities are featured in this show, such as Richard Dawkins and Jim Al-Khalili.
Only the first two episodes are available for now.

7 Responses to Brave New World with Stephen Hawking

  1. jcubic says:

    There is also the 3rd one on Youtube. Click on Watch on Youtube to see the next parts.

  2. Adrian Richards says:

    A most fascinating program. I highly recommend this to everyone !!!

  3. Adrian Richards says:

    Highly recommended veiwing !!!

  4. ANGRY M4N says:

    Is this cripple serious? He can’t even crack a fat yet he thinks he can just make up stuff and he’s smart?

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  6. Nitin Mishra says:

    Splendid Video!!!

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