Air pressure vs Altitude

This is an interesting short lecture about some basic physical concepts, namely: air pressure and altitude. It’s easily understandable with good explanations of the correlation between the two. Nothing eye opening but still worth the watch.

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8 Responses to Air pressure vs Altitude

  1. Sefora Myers says:

    Thank you for this interesting presentation. Just a little detail: I thaught the point of least altitude in the surface of the Earth was the Dead Sea, not the Kineret lake.

  2. Trey Freeman says:

    Potentially interesting production … but many inaccuracies. The Dead Sea is lower than Kineret Lake at minus 1388 feet at it’s surface.
    The point was driven home after the egg demonstration about pressure being greater nearer the Earths’ surface, Then we travelled to the Florida Keys where the pressure stats were given. Great. But nowhere else (Everest, Salton Sea, Brasstown Bald, etc.) were the pressure stats given for comparison. Lots of fancy graphics, little continuity or accuracy. (As a matter of opinion, I think it would have been more interesting to go to Death Valley rather than the Salton Sea, since Badwater is at minus 282 feet below mean sea level, the lowest point in North America, and 5 feet lower than the bottom of the Salton Sea, at which the current surface altitude is -226 ft., not -220 ft.)

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