Parallel Universes

This is 2001 BBC Horizon documentary film mostly dealing with string theory, M-theory, supergravity and the existence of parallel universes, each one a bit different from the other, with different histories, different event and different laws of physics, thus assuming that everything will happen somewhere, sometime in some universe. Even the same people exist in multiple universes, where their lives may be drastically different, or may even not exist at all…thus encompassing all the possible universes, all possible realities in one multi-verse.
Participants in the documentary include Michio Kaku and Paul Steinhardt.

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7 Responses to Parallel Universes

  1. Rachael says:

    This documentary is fascinating. For those people who still struggle with accepting the possibility of string theory, just wait until you see this.

  2. rajratna says:

    really its there any parallel univers…………………?

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  4. scientific peadophile says:

    in a parallel universe this link works.

  5. micheal says:

    I’m more confused about the universe after I watched this.

  6. Aaron says:

    M-theory is the ultimate theory of everything, period. Hands down, no questions asked. The strings vibrate in a way to give all the particles the energy and frequency they have which produces a diverse and rich universe which produces an elegant, mysterious, and majestic design.

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