Can We Have Unlimited Power? thumb

Can We Have Unlimited Power?

Medical journalist Michael Mosley introduces the fundamental questions and the great forces of history that have shaped the story of science. What is out there? What is the world made of? What is the secret of life?

This is the fourth episode in the series, dealing with power and energy. It describes the innovations that lead up to the industrial revolution, such as steam powered engines. This gave rise to the laws of thermodynamics. It then follows with the unification theory of electricity and magnetism giving us the electric power, something we cannot imagine our lives without anymore. Finally the episode concludes with Einstein’s famous formula E=mc2, that preceded the discovery of nuclear energy.

Episode 1: What Is Out There?
Episode 2: What is the World Made of?
Episode 3: How Did We Get Here?
Episode 5: What Is the Secret of Life?
Episode 6: Who Are We?

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