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How Did We Get Here

Medical journalist Michael Mosley introduces the fundamental questions and the great forces of history that have shaped the story of science. What is out there? What is the world made of? What is the secret of life?

A third episode in the series deals with one of the most controversial issues science had to deal with. It’s the question of human origins, a question of evolution. Naturally, dealing with such questions brought science into an unavoidable conflict with religion, old beliefs do not change easily; from measuring Earth’s age in thousand of years to billions of years, from a perfect image of God to a family of apes. Theory of evolution had a volatile history.

Episode 1: What Is Out There?
Episode 2: What is the World Made of?
Episode 4: Can We Have Unlimited Power?
Episode 5: What Is the Secret of Life?
Episode 6: Who Are We?

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2 Responses to The Story of Science – How Did We Get Here?

  1. I have recently watched the episode where human origins was discussed. I thought the whole series up to this point was factually accurate and quite intriguing. To suggest that life originated from a single cell organism and eventually evolved into homo sapiens, is absurd to say the least. Just the mere mathematical improbabilty of Aboigenisis and the total lack of evidence to support such as a claim, is a slap in the face for any person that has half a brain.

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