MythBusters: Moon Landing Wasn’t a Hoax thumb

MythBusters: Moon Landing Wasn’t a Hoax

Considering how popular the moon landing hoax conspiracy is, I decided to post this episode of Mythbusters that’s dealing in disproving the hoax theories. Some things that Mythbusters tackled here include: photographs with non-parallel shadows, unnatural lighting of the astronaut standing in shadow and flag in vacuum. To test this, they built a much larger scale (1:6) replica of the landing site, including a dust surface with a color and albedo similar to lunar soil. Also they fired a laser into a retro-reflector placed at the landing site of the Apollo 15, thus confirming it’s presence there.

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18 Responses to MythBusters: Moon Landing Wasn’t a Hoax

  1. truthhurtssuckitup says:

    You can see the Wires on the AstroNOTS here:

    And no, they are not the antennas which are also clearly visible in the video. They are not Moon webs, string lightning, Martian jizz streams, radiation particle beam, or any other phony Nasa Physics. If your brain tries to come up with something other than what your eyes are seeing, google: cognitive dissonance.

  2. truthhurtssuckitup says:

    I’m building an exact replica of the Lunar Lander.

    I’ve subcontracted it to the special ed 4th grader next door and his mom won’t let him use a butane torch, so I’ll have to weld the aluminum panels and air return vent down later. And, the plastic umbrella I used for the satellite dish looks a little off……..but………it’s getting there.

  3. truthhurtssuckitup says:

    Hell, an elementary student would have done a better job building some of NASA’s crappy technology….. I mean even a 3rd grader can refurbish some discarded lawn chairs and bill the American taxpayer $9 million dollars for this Rover of Ridiculocity 0/Apollo_15_Lunar_Rover_final_resting_place_cropped.jpg

    Look MA! No tracks. I don’t know how junior managed to wheel it over to the field without leaving tracks (even thought the astroNOTS left boot prints all over the place………must have borrowed a crane from someone.

  4. truthhurtssuckitup says:

    Time and motion study — Too Many Damn Pics
    Logistically IMPOSSIBLE

  5. truthhurtssuckitup says:

    Breakdown of a lot of the wonky pics

  6. truthhurtssuckitup says:

    AstroNOTS Faking shot from Moon to Earth to make them appear further away….

  7. truthhurtssuckitup says:



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