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Quest for Free Energy

Generations of inventors have been mesmerized by the promise of an engine that powers itself. The world’s reliance on diminishing fossil fuel resources and the associated problems of pollution serve to spur them on. A Machine to Die For showcases a number of dedicated, sometimes eccentric, and always obsessive individuals who have devoted their lives to this quest.

However, I advise caution, this documentary has some elements of conspiracy theory and seems to be very subjective, although the ideas presented in it are very interesting. Use your own judgement, and please comment if you know more about the subject.

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12 Responses to Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

  1. There is a difference between subjective and brazen lies. Please, visit my web site, section “perpetuum”. Go straight to PART 7 of the PDF file if you desire to skip the rhetorics.

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