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Sonoluminescence - An Experiment to Save The World

In March 2002, the scientific world was rocked by some astonishing news: a distinguished US government scientist, Rusi Taleyarkhan, claimed he had made nuclear fusion out of sound waves in his laboratory. This is a BBC Horizon production documentary, trying to explain what exactly is it about. Taleyarkhan’s fusion breakthrough was based on a little-understood process called sonoluminescence. Sonoluminescence is the emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound. It’s been called the star in a jar. The star in a jar effortlessly reaches temperatures of tens of thousands of degrees, hotter than the surface of the sun.
This documentary has often been criticized of being very skeptic, to the point of faking data and experiments in order to disprove this claim. I’m personally quite skeptic of that, but however I don’t have enough data to say anything, judge for yourself.

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