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Chemistry - A Volatile History

This is a story about, well obviously chemistry. In this three-part series, professor of theoretical physics Jim Al-Khalili traces the extraordinary story of how the elements were discovered and mapped. It’s a story about the pioneers of a new science field that propelled us into the modern age. Belief that there were only four elements in nature who with their combinations made everything in the world, persisted as late as the 19th century. This series starts at those beginnings, telling the story of the discovery of chemical elements and then proceeds to explain the discoveries of their relationships. Finally, it brings us to the research being done now in the creation of elements non-existent in nature.

Episode 1 – Discovering the Elements

Episode 2- The Order of the Elements

Episode 3 – The Power of the Elements

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4 Responses to Chemistry – A Volatile History

  1. Martine Lamour says:

    I found this programme very educational, easy to follow, well presented. Wonderful! It is a shame though that they do not have it in DVDs as i would like to watch with my children again. Why does not the BBC allow for it to be published?

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