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How the Universe Works

How the Universe Works is a new documentary series from the Discovery Channel. Appropriate subject for the first episode is of course the Big Bang, after which, in following episodes, documentary continues to explain black holes, star formations, galaxies and other common astronomical subject. Although all of those subjects are widely discussed in tons of documentaries, they are usually not very rich in information but on the contrary, far too rich in special effects. Although this series also likes to showcase effects it actually also provides quite detailed explanations of many astronomical phenomena.

Episode 1: Big Bang

Episode 2: Black Holes

Episode 3: Alien Galaxies

Episode 4: Extreme Stars

Episode 5: Alien Solar Systems

Episode 6: Alien Moons

Episode 7: Supernovas

Episode 8: Extreme Planets

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  1. wanted to pass this info/article along… by J.S. Thompson for any interested in the physics portion of how universe works…. hope it gives some food for thought!!!

    (Written by J.S. Thompson/July 5, 2010)

    The universe is a perpetual motion multi-dimensional machine. There is nothing spiritual or mystical about other dimensions. Other dimensions are just the matter that exists between the particles we can detect. There are other dimensional planets but suns only exist in this dimension, the solar dimension, the dimension we live in. Like space, pressure also adheres to the law of physics; it is naturally divided into spectrums. Everything we can perceive with our eye, telescope or microscope exists within our pressure spectrum, the solar dimension. The entire universe works and moves because of a tiny extremely dense particle called the electron.

    Before we can understand truth, we must understand the electron and how it really works. The electron moves through conduits that exist at the center of particle clusters. This is a corridor that contains its own unique pressure. Let’s take, for instance, the pressure of our solar particle structure or solar system… which pushes in, always toward the center but there is also pressure pushing out. This pressure comes from the smallest densest particles…the electrons.

    These tiny extremely dense particles move through conduits in a mechanistic configuration which I refer to as a “configuration signature.” This electron signature provides the internal pressure that makes matter what it is. When this signature is disrupted for any reason, the disrupted electrons attempt to reform in order to maintain homeostasis. For instance, if we touch a burner on a hot stove, we feel the pain of the burn but what is really happening, is much more involved. The outside pressure at the point of contact sends a signal via pressure variation, which affects the electron signature. Pain results when the electrons attempt to reform causing pressure and particle expansion, which moves back up to the point of contact. Pain is a quantum effect as is everything else we hear, see, taste, think and feel.

    In the instance of the burned finger, we must consider how fast that quantum signal moves. Quantum space is light years away from the point of contact (using a contemporary scientific term.) When we truly understand how light works, we will discover that light doesn’t travel in the way that contemporary science has theorized but rather a chain reaction. The pain we feel when we burn our finger has traveled from the point of contact (atomic space) to quantum space and back almost instantaneously!!! This frequency signal, moves anywhere in space almost instantaneously, and it does so because it is moving within the machine, through electron conduits in quantum space. These frequency signals are not hindered by large massive atomic particles but rather moves between them.

    How is it that a frequency signal, moving in this way, through electron conduits that exist in Quantum space could move so quickly? This is done by chain reaction! If one were to line up dominoes a mile long, tightly packed together and tapped one end, the signal would be detected on the other almost instantaneously. If you had a line of dominoes 100 miles long, you would still detect the signal almost instantaneously, and if they were 100 light years long, the signal would still be detected almost instantaneously. In fact, this signal moves in all directions all the way around the universe, (altered space), arriving back at the point of origin almost instantaneously. This is the only way that anything, any motion, any signal, can make a complete circuit!

    When one talks on a cell phone, the signal cannot be heard until it makes a complete circuit arriving back at the point of origin. How a signal makes a complete circuit, is theoretical. Circuits are not understood because the signal is circular moving in all directions like the ripples on a pond when you throw a rock into it. If this is so, how can we capture the entire signal at the receiver when most of the signal is expanding out in space? This is a prime example of how little contemporary science knows. Science understands that when you do “A”… “B” happens, and then… we theorize the rest. Science will not understand this mechanism until they discover how frequency moves down through quantum space “frequency transfer” and back again “frequency transmission.”


    If science were to understand how this machine works, they could accomplish amazing things… from communications, to quantum cures for what are now considered incurable diseases. These diseases will, one day, be conquered but not until science understands how frequency transfer and frequency transmission works.

    Motion is a matter of hydraulics! [more…]

    Read article in its entirety…

    • Ian says:

      Do not listen to that guy. There is so much wrong in what he is saying. A lot of fallacies. He is misinformed on a lot of basic properties of physics.

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