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Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is hosting a new show, Into The Universe, containing three episodes. In a few hours Hawking gives us the ultimate short guide to the universe, based on real science, from the possibilities of alien life and time travel to the nature of the universe itself. What really makes “Into the Universe” work, though, is Hawking himself, who attacks these ideas with the enthusiasm of a science-fiction aficionado, while laying out the theoretical case and science in clear yet authoritative terms. This documentary is filled with lots of information and high production value.

Aliens: First episode deals in the possibilities of finding intelligent alien life forms on distant worlds. Journey starts in our own Solar system around Jupiter’s moons and introduces possible life forms. It is one of the greatest mysteries of our time and Hawkins deals with it magnificently.

Time Travel
: Always filled with interesting paradoxes, time travel was a fascination of humankind for a long time. We are presented with a nice collection of paradoxes along with an experiment trying to prove the existence of time travelers. Technological possibilities are also reviewed, detailing the pitfalls of each.

The Story Of Everything
: This is where it gets really interesting. Two mind blowing hours of cosmic spectacle. From big bang, the expansion and star formation to the death of stars, supernovae and black holes, and ultimately the fate of the universe itself.

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