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Story of Maths

Four part documentary series about the history of mathematics, presented by Oxford professor Marcus du Sautoy. Presenting the mathematics of old cultures in ancient times, following the development of mathematics during renaissance, Sautoy then continues to challenge our minds with the mathematical problems of the present times such as Georg Cantor’s work on infinity and Henri Poincare’s work on chaos theory. He then looks at how mathematics research was itself thrown into chaos by the discoveries of Kurt Godel, who showed that the unknowable is an integral part of maths, and Paul Cohen, who established that there were several different sorts of mathematics in which conflicting answers to the same question were possible.

Part 1 (1-5): The Language of the Universe
Part 2 (6-8): The Genius of the East (unfortunately not complete)
Part 3 (9-13): The Frontiers of Space
Part 3 (14-18): To Infinity and Beyond

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  4. Wei says:

    hi, I am charmed by the story of maths very much, I also like the female solo at the very beginning of the 3rd part ” The Frontiers of Space”. Could you please let me know the title of that beautiful female solo and the soprano’s name.

    thank you,


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