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That's Impossible

That’s Impossible is a six episode documentary series presented by the History Channel which examines some apparently impossible technologies seen in stories and movies. It’s a showcase of science-fiction fan’s dreams; invisibility cloaks, terminator-like machines, weather warfare, eternal life, energy weapons and mind control. For sure each one of those ideas sounds impossible or at least unbelievable, however it appears they are not so far fetched as it seems. What gives this show some credibility is the presence of the editor of Scientific American, a quite respected scientific journal, who is commenting on various research possibilities to develop such various science-fiction concepts. It is of course in his nature and profession to be very skeptical, but he’s still approving some of the ideas presented.

Episode 1: Invisibility Cloaks

Episode 2: Real Terminators

Episode 3: Weather Warfare

Episode 4: Eternal Life

Episode 5: Death Rays and Energy Weapons

Episode 6: Mind Control

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  1. Evow says:

    Looks like a killer blog. I was thinking if you had some more pictures or youtube links regarding this topic. I would love that! Great work keep it up 🙂

  2. NASA’s recent find of water on the moon brings the possibility of a moon base on the surface even closer to happening then ever before, just wondering what others think of the idea. Myself I’m a big supporter of colonizing space not only for research or mining, but also even a “back-up” if something would happen to human exsistence on earth.

    • chris says:

      nasa ws jst a part of the mission carried by ISRO…data
      4 waters presence ws found by CHANDRAYAAN and analyzd by ISRO scientists to come to the conclusion dat der is water
      For revaluation the data ( n of course d conclusion ) ws sent to NASA which came out with official announcement too

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  4. Whay do you thing that historical are more popular than scientific?

  5. Bastiaan says:

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    • tomca32 says:

      I’m glad this site helped you find the information, I’m glad it served it’s purpose as educational resource. Thank you for support.

  6. do you thing that documentaries about greek history are more popular than thos about roman?

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