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Stem cell research

“I absolutely, firmly believe, with every ounce of my intellect, that stem cell biology is going to revolutionize medicine….Every impediment that gets thrown up delays it. And that’s very personal for me now…”
—Dr. Jack Kessler

Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita puts a human face on this controversial subject. When neurologist Dr. Jack Kessler’s daughter injured her spine in a skiing accident, he turned his energies toward finding a method to repair damaged spinal cords, re-focusing his research on developing a therapy using embryonic stem cells to regenerate the damaged parts of the nervous system.

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  4. praptee says:

    This is super cool!! To be able to create life in a way, is a complete fantasy that could be made possible by stem cells. Maybe in a decade or so, we will be able to create a complete human body form a few stem cells!

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