Do You Want to Live Forever? - Aubrey de Grey thumb

Do You Want to Live Forever? - Aubrey de Grey

Question as old as sentient life is. Stopping aging was always one of the central motives explored in all medias. From Biblical stories and religion to modern day film-making as shown in the Fountain. Average human life span has already doubled or perhaps even tripled so the question is how far can it go? Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a central figure of this story. Computer scientist turned biologist, now Cambridge biomedical gerontologist, gathered as many experts in all fields of science in an attempt to break the puzzle of aging. His opinion is that we could extend life indefinitely by addressing seven major factors in the aging process. He describes his work as Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS).

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  1. Wolfe or perhaps woulfe says:

    I believe it possible. I believe I can be part of the revolution. Only the compassionate.

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