Crash Course: Biology

This is a fascinating video series that covers the basics of Biology. In this 40-video series, learn about carbon, chemical bonding, cells, photosynthesis, genetics, natural selection and much more.
A very educational series and extremely entertaining if you’re into geek humor.

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6 Responses to Crash Course: Biology

  1. Ben MacLaren says:

    Why do they “need” to have certain amounts of electrons in there orbit, and if they can choose to not have electrons in them ar ethere circumstances where they dont bond together even if they can

  2. clyde little says:

    keep going

  3. munuwar says:

    its really fabulous will u plz tell me how to download

  4. katba says:

    it is not only the one lizard that can walk on water. I know of at least two. the Brazilian Pygmy Gecko and the Jesus Lizard. As well as some arachnids. They are awesome to watch!

  5. Drake Bradley says:

    Is this “Crash Course: Biology” available in book form? I would love to have hard copy so I can make notes, etc.

    This is a great series!

  6. Celia says:

    It’s the 21st century and we still have little men running around using science as a way to express their retro-sexist views of the universe. Oh, well.

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