Top 10 Images of Hubble Space Telescope

This is NASA/ESA Hubblecast 57: Top 10 Images – Hubble’s Hidden Treasures Unveiled.
Producing the stunning pictures that Hubble is famous for isn’t straightforward. Unlike your typical digital camera, which automatically sets things like contrast, exposures, colour balance and so on, Hubble is not optimised to produce aesthetically pleasing pictures. It’s optimised for science. Turning these scientific images into amazing images of the cosmos is not easy, as all of these variables have to be tweaked by hand. That’s called image processing — and it is a mixture of science and aesthetics.

10th – IC 10 by Nikolaus Sulzenauer
9th – Abell 68 by Nick Rose
8th – NGC 1501 by kyokugaisha1
7th – PK 111-2.1 by Josh Barrington
6th – SNR 0519-69 by Claude Cornen
5th – M 96 by Robert Gendler
4th – Chamaeleon I by Renaud Houdinet
3rd – XZ Tauri by Judy Schmidt
2nd – M 77 by Andre van der Hoeven
1st – NGC 1763 by Josh Lake

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