Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity – Stanford

This is a complete course in General Theory of Relativity taught by Leonard Susskind, the Felix Bloch Professor of Physics at Stanford University.

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  4. Charles Newton Holmes says:

    The Theory of Relativity is widely believed to fail with the existence of the Black Hole; However I have not found where the elasticity of Space Time is accounted for in the calculations ending in the Infinity Paradox.

    Exploding stars leave us with Ten mile magnetrons, Pulsars, etc.; Super Massive Black Holes (SMBH) However deal with extreme masses such as the 4 million times the mass of the sun and greater with larger galaxies. (Shaw Price given Dr. Reinhardt Genzel. )

    I have not found where the Elasticity of Space Time is dealt with in any of the calculations leading up to the conclusion the Theory of Relativity fails at the Event Horizon of a” SMBH” or any black hole. We are now dealing with masses that lead me to the statement; “Show me the Singularity”.

    The masses of these SMBH’s place the Singularity of the black Hole somewhere at the breaking point of the Elasticity of Space Time or at the very least in an area where a we are approaching a Critical mass that would detach the Singularity from its Mother Galaxy. We see the equivalent of Super massive Gamma Ray Bursts in our universe daily. Draw the line from the Mother Galaxy to its own Singularity. If the mass of any Galaxy’s Singularity reaches the point that the limit of the Elasticity of Spacer Time is reached or the mass reaches a critical limit, Two things are going to occur instantly. The moment the Singularity is detached from its Mother Galaxy both the Galaxy and the Singularity will go Supper Nova.

    It is time that we use the technology and Instruments we already have in space now to calculate the limits of the Elasticity of Space Time and by drawing a line from the center of the Galaxies’ SMBH,s to their own Singularities, a correlation can be made connecting Galaxies that are going Super Nova and their Singularities that are simultaneously yielding Supermassive Gamma Ray Bursts. We must correlate the number of each to prove the two are related, then Identify which Super Massive Gamma Ray Bursts belong to its own Mother Galaxy Which are going Super Nova at the same time.

    The resulting Physics associated with identifying the Mother Galaxy with its own Singularity will bring clarity to several of the Theoretical Physics Projects we are working on today. The existence of a Multi Universes, Unknown Physics existing in the multi universes, Massive gravity lying at the outer limits of the universe accounting for the expansion of the Universe with or without Dark Energy.

    This could clarify or identify some of the missing matter in the Universe by measuring the total mass of all the Super Massive Singularities associated with their Mother Galaxies, each of which are lying at the outer limits of our Universe. This much mass and resulting density of the matters location after their respective Super Massive Gamma Ray Bursts could be included in the Pysics of the expanding Universe, the Physics of the theory of a Multi-Universe and the answer to weather the Universe is still creating the mass we think is missing. It could even answer the question of “are there new physics in each of the multi-Universes if that is truely what is occurring with each Super Massive Gamma Ray Burst.

    Thank You for your time and space;

    Charles Newton Holmes

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  6. SHAHZAD says:


  7. Louis Vuitton Science says:

    Are bags or bigger inside, SMBH… Space Massive Bag Hole!

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