Neil DeGrasse Tyson with Stephen Colbert

This is a great talk with Stephen Colbert and Neil DeGrasse Tyson at the Kimberley Academy in Montclair, New Jersey.

Stephen Colbert is a smart science fan and often features great science book authors and scientists on his show, The Colbert Report. I also appreciate his funny takes on scientific topics such as tissue engineered meat, the LHC and more!

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson has appeared on The Colbert Report six times. What a boon for the world of science that Colbert is willing to feature science and science personalities who will make science seem enjoyable for the general public.

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5 Responses to Neil DeGrasse Tyson with Stephen Colbert

  1. Me Myself and no Assholes says:

    Screw Colbert. Sellout and disinformation douche that is dually responsible with the asshole jew Stewart. Together they have dumbed down an entire generation with their bullshit/ This man should not share a stage with NDT. He should be run out of ANY town on a rusty rail.

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  5. eet says:

    that retarded comedian would interrupt NDT every time my interest was peaked and NDT was on the verge of finishing his thought and elaborating. SO annoying. This video just made me angry. Why on earth did they decide to pair these two for a discussion, that douchelord had nothing to say that was valuable.

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