The Fabric of the Cosmos

The Fabric of the Cosmos, a four-hour documentary series based on the book by renowned physicist and author Brian Greene, the author of The Elegant Universe.
In each of the four episodes, Brian Greene explores a different subject of physics research: Space, Time, Quantum physics and the Multiverse theory.

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  1. Renee says:

    Thanks for putting these up.

  2. I attended a brief talk at UBC when Brian Greene was promoting his book on string theory. He repeated something in the introduction about posing the question whether he could teach his dog physics. For more than a half decade now I have been thinking about the reverse of the question: whether my dog could teach me something about physics. I believe that I have learned something about time in the behavior of my dog (half wolf-Aloofus). Something very simple but possibly true. Time or the concept of it may be only and entirely a human construct. It may be the thing with which we interface with the universe outside and inside our mind. Perhaps time is the effect of the real energies and mass of the universe upon the biological mechanism (the neural projection of the mind) by which it is perceived. Like matter bends/warps space so to might it distort our mental concepts. Inversely we might interact in someway with the universe and distort space time somehow in projecting our mind to encompass ever increasing in depth concepts about our true existence. The interface of nature looking at itself, measuring, expanding itself in exponential leaps and bounds as our abilities increase. I wonder how many other creatures on this planet have a concept of time similar in nature to ours, or, does this ability set us apart from all other creatures? 5 years I’ve been thinking about this (not all the time)

    • How long these nights are says:

      Wow. That’s what you’ve accomplished in 5 years? I can end it for you now. No your dog can’t teach physics and yes time is human. Dogs can’t tell time. Or did you need another 5 years to figure it out. Maybe put a watch on your half bred animal and show him the numbers. Last I checked a toddler is smarter than a dog. Maybe a toddler could tutor you?

      • “Time or the concept of it may be only and entirely a human construct” how did he teach me this? By have no concept of time.

        That’s what my dog taught me. What I know from your answer is that you must be (a) American, (b) born again (c) My dog is smarter

        • your mother says:

          1. You’re a fucking idiot
          2. Americans can drop ONE bomb and level your whole country so learn some respect.
          3. I’m smarter than the lot of you, so neener neener neeener

          • werwre says:

            Dig your own grave, fucker.

          • SOLO says:

            I , as an american, apologize for the ignorance that my country brings to the proverbial table….To the question of weather a dog perceives time, or as it were, your half-wolf, i believe the answer is yes..the wolf, as a social mammal, has an intelligence higher than some other’s of the animal kingdom…the wolf must also contend with changing seasons and the prey scarcity that arises from those seasonal changes…but does it have the same conception of time?, i doubt it…..but lets look at another subject of the natural world, the fly……with a normal lifespan of day(s) at max, it must experience time differently, which gets to my point…i believe that an organism’s perception of time is directly related to it’s metabolic rate and life span….if a sequoia could think, do you think it would feel the passage of time the same as you?

      • kirk says:

        i was ganna comment on how rude your reply was but then i read what you are commenting about and i think you are right on the money haha. i think klous got that pretty worded physics paragraph out of a cereal box it sounds phony, borrowed, outlandish and unoriginal. i think hes the one who is half aloofus

  3. Mat says:

    Humans invented “time” to try and measure things such as speed, distance, and space. It helps humans organise things into order. The universe,nature itself, plods along without the need for such a concept. It just is. It is nature. Humans, as we’ve always done, attempt to interfere with/understand the process of nature through experiment, manipulation and invention. Take away “time” and the universe would plod along like nothing has happened, humans would probably sit aorund wondering where the time has gone and get nothing done.

  4. hupa says:

    in the centre of the human brain there is a cluster of cells that tick somewhat like an atomic clock, the passage of time as we percieve it can run slower or faster e.g. time goes faster the more you enjoy yourself, and slower if say your about to get hit by a car (this makes your reaction time faster) basically certain hormones/chemicals are released that manipulate the cell cluster, dogs and most animals have this the difference is we have a more evolved frontal lobe that allows us to make more sence of time, like planning for the future, certain other animals show this avility of future planning by hiding/hoarding food dogs/cats even squirrels with there nuts heh.

    but does time really exist? id say yes just our perception and the true mechanisms could be two very different things, the only thing about time we invented is the word.

  5. Bob says:

    The videos have been removed from YouTube.
    Is there an alternative link to watch the videos, please?


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