What Is Reality?

BBC Horizon’s documentary on the nature of reality, titled What Is Reality, delivers lots of fascinating concepts such as the Holographic principle, the search for Higg’s Boson and the nature of black holes to name a few. While a bit too dramatic at times, this show is full of information and does a good job of explaining current scientific trends to its viewers.

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  1. deus says:

    This doc has a lot of good info crossing a broad range of physic’s. It deals mostly in quantum mechanics, quantum theory and all manner of particle physics. It debutes a lot of the cool technology pushing the frontier of understanding. Its definitely not advanced material but its perfect if you want to grasp the macro implications of physics without scribbling paragraphical math equations to describe them. I’d say its one of the better docs for the curious physics newbie or anyone interested in science philosophy.

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  4. Scott says:

    There’s no control to pause/play once the video starts. Why? What we are seeing as a player isn’t what it appears to be.

  5. john says:

    simplistic. Insulting and childish

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