Destiny in Space

Destiny in Space gives viewers an exciting glimpse into the future of space exploration. Featuring giant-screen images of the space shuttle in orbit around the Earth and thrilling fly-overs of Mars and Venus.
This is a truly scientific documentary gem here. Full of information about current and future space technologies, Destiny in Space gives us realistic opportunities for mankind to expand into space.

An IMAX(R) camera deployed via satellite provides rare views of the shuttle, in its entirety, orbiting 200 miles above Earth.

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8 Responses to Destiny in Space

  1. lemoen says:

    private video in youtube… lol…

  2. ANGRY M4N says:

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  6. CodeSearcher says:

    Youtube says:
    “This video doesn’t exist”… 🙁

  7. james says:

    Thanks for working documentary link, it’s amazing space technology movie.

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