Periodic Table of Elements: Hydrogen to Tin (1 – 50)

This is a series of short documentary videos about the chemical elements. Each video describes the properties of one element in a few minutes, often with experiments. It is truly a must watch for anyone interested in chemistry.
Here are the videos for the first 50 elements of the periodic table of elements, starting with Hydrogen all the way to Tin.

Parallel Universes

This is 2001 BBC Horizon documentary film mostly dealing with string theory, M-theory, supergravity and the existence of parallel universes, each one a bit different from the other, with different histories, different event and different laws of physics, thus assuming that everything will happen somewhere, sometime in some universe. Even the same people exist in multiple universes, where their lives may be drastically different, or may even not exist at all…thus encompassing all the possible universes, all possible realities in one multi-verse.
Participants in the documentary include Michio Kaku and Paul Steinhardt.

Hunting for Neutrinos

This is a CERN documentary about the neutrino, an elementary particle that usually travels close to the speed of light, is electrically neutral, has close to zero mass, and is able to pass through ordinary matter almost undisturbed. Naturally such properties make it extremely difficult to detect so this documentary also covers the scientific methods involved in hunting down the neutrino.

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